College Advice for Choosing the Appropriate Course of Study

There are a lot of things you need to decide when you want to study in college. However, in general there are two big decisions you have to make, choosing a university and choosing the right course of study for you.


In this article we will focus on choosing the course of study because it could be quite confusing sometimes for new students. Most people just concentrate on choosing the right college, while the course of study is actually just as vital. By choosing the right course of study, you can avoid wasting four years of your life for something that you won’t be using anyway after you graduate. It’s a bit surprising to see the fact that 60% of college graduates are actually working outside of their majors. The only reason is because they didn’t choose the proper course of study.


Here are some important things you should consider to help you choose the right course of study:




The main reason for us to go to college to gain knowledge in a specific field of career that can help us get financial security. Therefore the first thing you should consider is the potential income of that career you have in mind.


Job Opportunity


FInd out the level of job opportunity in that specific field you choose. You can begin your research by looking at the data released by The Bureau of Labor Statistics, which provides an in-depth insight of the job market in various fields.


Personal Interest


Don’t turn away your personal interest, this should also be one of your considerations. You have more chance to become successful if you work in the field that you are passionate about. So there’s nothing wrong about chasing your dream.


Take a Personality Quiz


This sounds like a game, but a lot of experts actually recommend this to help you decide true passion and interest.




Some course of study takes longer to finish than others, so this is also a very important thing to consider. If you want to start a career quickly then you shouldn’t take a course of study that takes too long to finish.


Get a Professional Advice


Talk to a counselor or other career experts, try to get career advice fromĀ  professionals whenever you can.